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Post by Deathcap Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:57 am

The Mortals
|24 humans or humanoids, each possessing a power over an aspect of reality. Each is tied by their power to one of the demons.|


( Iste Tonitrus)~Female, 19

Time Line: 140 BC (Ancient Greece)
Brief Description: light build. Curly, golden blonde hair that comes to the base of her back. Silver eyes. Pale skin. Normally wears white floor length dresses with gold trimmings, relatively normal for the time period, as well as gold bracelets. She has long reddish scars along her left arm that look like lightning bolts from being struck by lightning. Keeps several poison darts on her at all times. Believed to be a daughter of Zeus, she used to have a fairly large part in the military and using her powers to fight and defend. Until one day her superiors sent her on a dangerous mission that she knew would go wrong, and she lost control of her powers and was hit by her own lightning. she has been unable to use her powers after that, believing that she had lost them forever, though they actually wouldn't work for psychological reasons because she is afraid of losing control again.
Power: Used to have power over storms but not since the accident, mild precognition. RPD BY ANIMATENEB

ALPHA(Harir Lakedragon) Male, Appears late teens/early twenties)
Tall and very pale, he has well kept but long dark blue hair that trails down to his upper back in a carefully cut fashion, and dark blue/grey eyes. He takes pride in his appearance and tries to give off a sophisticated aire. He wears a very old fashioned, short dark blue kimono that fades into gold on the edges and is embroidered with warm colored lotuses and laced with pale orange string. His outfit includes wears olive green pants and dark brown shoes.
Harir is very cold on the surface and since being trapped here has lost most traces of regular, healthy emotion, and is rather one sighted in his pursuits, though as the strongest demon he bares a forced role of leadership and is constantly concerned with how the others handle things. He cares especially for Omega(sliet) due to her vulnerable position as the lowest demon and has a habit of making sure she is in check and safe constantly, and often comes off as controlling.
He has hidden blades in the soles of his shoes and carries a short, rectangular blade in a sheath at his hip. He has power over space andthe atmosphere, air pressure and temperature, and through this he can exercise many different abilities, all of which he is very practiced in. RPD BY KAZUKEDUD



Beta ( Tirza Theil ) -female- appears early teens


(Caligo Nyx) Male, 15
Time Line:Technology advances, ideas stayed mostly the same.(witch trials spread world wide)(southern Greenland)
Brief Description: Average height. muscular. scruffy looking, chin length, jet black hair, bangs that usually half cover his icy blue eyes. Wears a pair of rectangular framed glasses. Normally wearing a dark colored loose hoodie, stylish but baggy pants and gray canvas sneakers.He lived in a small, highly religious, village in the middle of a forest, but even with the small number of people, he was still an outcast. Because his abilities aren't something that can be seen, and he was pretty good at hiding them, nobody knew exactly what was weird about him but they knew it was something. He was caught talking to nothing a few times, slept a lot, and knew some things he shouldn't have, so when strange things started happening, he was blamed. Since the ideas had stayed the same for a long time, the people decided he was a witch and tried to burn him at the stake.
Power:astral projection, empathy, mediumship.

( Severin Dovah ) Male, (Appears early twenties)(RPD BY FICTIONALPEICES


-Delta(Petram Umbra) Male, 16
Time Line
Brief Description:
Power:Telekinesis RPED BY ANIMATENEB

-Epsilon (Damian Everett)~Male, 17
Time Line; Regular Timeline (
Brief Description:
Power; Darkness Manipulation RPED BY FICTIONAL PIECES

Epsilon (Mattina Solvins) -female- RPED BY ANIMATENEB



-Zeta (Kail Zarack)~Male, 17
Time Line; 1453 (Somewhere in Europe during a Medieval type period. I suppose you could classify it as an Alternate Universe kind of thing. The Technology in the time is a bit more advanced than it actually would be in our own time.)
Brief Description: Messy[ish] brown hair that falls just below his ears, somewhat of an average build[a little over average height, about average weight for his age/height], Emerald green eyes, fair skin that isn't to pale but not exactly tanned. Tends to wear darker colors[blacks and grey's], arm warmer/finger glove things.
Power; Controlling Electricity
Orientation; Gay

Zeta(simply goes by Zeta, as he gave up his name of Mikel) - Male (appears older and more worn out than he actually is. Was about 19 when he became immortal.)
A demon of electricity and energy, he is a rogue and goes alone with PHI, no longer interested in the demons' goals but his own. He has bleached white hair that tumbles in messy locks around his shoulders and dark glazed eyes. Due to being constantly in the presence of the lesser apparitions he has taken on a hellish quality and is more monster than humanoid. Due to his awful state, most of his body is bandaged in dirty rags to protect his light-sensitive skin, very different from his previous, dignified appearance. He carries no weapons but can control electricity effectively and has a close command over the lesser demons and undead that come out at night. He is slightly out of his mind and has a tendency to react to things violently and is volatile due to his constant exposure to the demons and their over growing hold over his sanity and consciousness. He sees most of the other demons as immature children and has very little patience for them or the humans. His original ideals and goals have become foggy and unclear during his pursuit of them.


-Eta (Adrian Flores)~Male, 18
Adrian Flores Time Line; 1934(Italy)
Brief Description:



Power: Reality manipulation, multi-dimensional-plain travel, disturbance, chaos. RPED BY KAZUKEDUD

Theta ( Nadia Riedel ) -female-RPED BY ANIMATENEB


(Gabriel Kirsten)~Male, 18
Time Line; 2025 (Central America)
Brief Description:
Power;Cryokinesis- control ice, snow and other forms of frozen water. RPED BY FICTIONALPIECES

Iota (Porfirio) - male - (appears mid twenties)
He is average height with a stronger build, dirty blonde hair and crimson eyes. He dresses somewhat properly but isn't afraid to get dirty.Pofirio acts like quite the gentleman towards those he doesn't know very well, it could almost be described as southern charm, however, once you get to know him, he turns into a bit of a smart alec. Though he may seem carefree and reckless, he does have the interest of those he cares about in mind when he acts, though he does joke about it often.


(Quentin Winters )~Male, 16
Time Line; 1950 (Northern Ireland)
Brief Description:
Power; Shapeshifting[able to shapeshift into three basic animals.
, Dog and horse.]

Kappa ( Vakaris Nemanis ) - male - early twenties RPED BY FICTIONAL PEICES


(Kicurrbi Doute)
Male 15
Time Line: c 1900AD, where middle eastern society has boomed and much of the world is warmer and desert like. Slavery is still extremely common and legal. There are thousands of species of giant insects and arachnids replacing much of the wildlife we have today, and much of the peoples' life centre around this. He serves as one of the many housekeepers in a noble's house. In this society, slaves are bonded by being injected with spider venom that will kill them over a period of weeks, and must stay with their masters to be cured temporarily each week, and finally released or re-administered after a period of a couple years when the toxins finally leave their system.
Brief Description: 5'5, creamy colored skin and strawberry/pinkish blond hair that falls chin length. He had big brown eyes. He wears a brown and tan patterned bandana over his head. He has a white, mid forearm length white shirt, and over it, wears with a knee-length, fastened brown shirt with wide sleeves that stop just above his underneath ones. He has a pare of brown cotton pants, and wears wrapped bandages around his hands, wrists, ankles and feet. He carries an old sweeping broom and is followed by a giant wood beetle.
Power: Healing

Lambda(Daer Saniel ) Male, (appears to be about 17-19)


(Isa Wethers)Male 16
Time Line: 2019 Cold war erupted into a third world war, technology advanced but humanity took on a much more complex and less free society.(Alaska)
Brief Description: Pale skinned with blond hair and white eyes. He has a very ridged posture and comes across as withdrawn and aggressive. He wears a formal-looking brown jacket, dark pants and dress shoes.
Power Can suck heat, life and energy from things with a touch, often involuntarily. RPED BY KAZUKEDUD

Mu( Zirarid Cerrash ), Male, (Appears about ) RPED BY FICTIONALPIECES


(Rual Merchant)Male 17
Time Line: Norse/Viking Era in northern Europe
Brief Description: 5'11, strong but average build. He has straight, thick golden hair and pale blue eyes. He has ashen skin and strangely pointed teeth. Rual tends to wear an assortment of furs and a wolf-skull hood. He carries spirits and weapons with him at all times. He is extremely wild and bold, embracing what it is to be a Viking. He gives no second thought to jumping into danger, violence or acts of vandalism. He is unpredictable and often seemingly on the brink of madness, and is afraid of literally nothing.
Sort of a crazy drunken character who likes to live fast.
Power: incredible strength and agility, as well as great senses.
Nu ( Allan Nistrom) -male- RPED BY FICTIONALPIECES


(Austin Lynch)~Male 17
Time Line; 2038 (England)
Brief Description:
Power; Terrakinisis- control, manipulate and alter/reshape the surrounding terrain and landscape at will
( Skirnir Adiels) -male- early twentiesRPED BY ANIMATENEB


-Omicron(Astrum Cael) Male, 17Time Line: 2063 AD (humanity reversed climate change, western Russia)
Brief Description:Tall, lanky build, straight, chin length white hair. Dark blue eyes. Rather pale. Tends to wear more durable clothes, usually more washed out colors. keeps a concealed Ruger SR9C pistol on him at all times. He ran a fair sized group of runaways and orphans in a rundown part of a fairly large city. He did his best to care for and keep the younger ones out of trouble while the older ones, including himself, worked when they could find it. The police never bothered them because there were no complaints against them and it would just be to much trouble with how much of the surrounding area had grown fond of them.Power: flight and wind manipulation.RPD BY ANIMATENEB

Omnicron(Ororo) - female - (appears about 10)Controls wind and airflow.
She looks relatively normal with dark brown eyes and auburn hair but is deathly pale and has her symbol carved into her palms and back courtesy of the humans who captured and attempted to exorcise her at one point. She is very much like a normal shy child in the way she acts, but is easily influenced by the older demons and can be extremely vicious and unpredictable. Tends to hang around anyone she sees are a sort of adult figure, often Omega or other older female demons.


-Pi(Spes Fides) Female, 16
Time Line: 7800 AD (Where the Greeks dominated the world in ancient times, what would have been western Spain)
Brief Description: Tall, lithe build, wavy, cinnamon coloured shoulder length hair with green streaks, pulled back into a braid, and greenish eyes. She prefers to wear brighter coloursin an attempt to brighten up the world around hr, though the fabric is still as strong as any military uniform possibly could be. She is in the same military-type group as Somnia, and is in fact her twin sister, however in Spes' timeline, their parents were able to fight off and arrest the man who would have killed her and her parents, and go on to kill the young girl u der Somnia's protection. She thinks quite highly of her sister, though she is normally being protected by the older twin whether she likes it or not. She and her sister both entered into a division of the military designed to find and eliminate the more powerful rebel groups as an attempt to keep the peace to an extent. Spes is part of the group that picks through whatever is left of the area tha was fought in to look for enemy survivors and repair what damage they can to the area and act as backup for the team that actually does the fighting, where her sister is one of the fighters. Despite some of the things she has seen in her work, she remains wild and lighthearted and focusses a fair bit of her energy into impressing her sister so that she can actually do some fighting someday and find a way to protect the older sibling instead of being protected all the time. RPED BY ANIMATENEB
Power: Agrokinesis



-Rho (Otto Happebatt)
Male 16
Time Line
Brief Description:



(Calor Flagro)Male, 16
Time Line
Brief Description:
Power: Omnilingual RPED BY ANIMATENEB



-Tau(Kayden 'Kay' Warren)~Male, 18
Timeline; 2200's, While society hasn't advanced as far as people would have liked, some sort of cloning/creation experiment had taken place. It was great, for the first little while, until the scientists and government got their hands strange DNA that had been found by some researchers. Strange creatures[dragons - though not the large beings of myth but smaller, strange hybrid creatures and everything in between] had come from the DNA, and after the government thought they could be of some use in their military, they now run free after the plan had backfired. Some technology has advanced quite a ways though, in means to try and get the creatures under control. Some select people had been given the task of trying to tame the beasts, resulting in many deaths and fewsuccesses. Certain pieces of technology have been created to try and create a higher success rate of getting the beasts under control.
Brief Description; Like most of the Beast Tamers[omf i have no other name for this right now, lets just go with this]he is marked with a tattoo on his back that stays covered by the shoulder piece of his sleeve. Both the cuff like pieces on his wrists and the jewel on his cloak are to help with the capturing of the dragons. When off, he has normal humans hands and feet just like anyone else. But the government, once they realized they had screwed up, had decided that if the tamers at least looked like some sort of hybrid dragon, it would be easier in calming them down and earning their trust. He's just under average height for his age, also putting him as the youngest and shortest one in this group. His hair had once been a dark black before he had been entrusted with the task of capturing the dragons and other creatures. It of course had changed after receiving the tattoo and heading off to join this group. Kayden, along with the others, often wear very minimal clothing as it often gets torn or burnt anyway. He can often be seen wearing his cloak/cape, the sleeve on his left hand to also cover the tattoo, a protective piece of garment to protect his stomach area, and pants that end about mid-calf.
Power; Gravity Manipulation



-Upsilon (Joel Everett)~Male, 17
Time Line; Regular Timeline (
Brief Description:
Power; Light Manipulation RPED BY FICTIONALPIECES



(Somnia Weaver)~Female, 16TShe is part of an obscure, elite military-like group that those like her who are descended from certain people, have no choice in joining. Normally, these people would be trained and taught the ways of their ancestors as soon as they were able, however, Somnias parents were killed by a rogue soldier when she was an infant, along with her twin sister. Somnia was lost to the group and her parents deaths were not discovered for many years, The girl herself stuck in an orphanage until she was ten, when the group finally caught up with her. She was later assigned to the protection of a very important girl, and her first friend, but the rogue that had killed her parents came with a small army of followers to kill the girl she was protecting. They succeeded in their task and left Somnia many scars to remember that day.
Power: Telepathy, manipulation of dreams, expert illusionist,Superhuman longevity. RPED BY ANIMATENEB

ROGUEPhi(Nixon Lycus)~ Male, (Appears early/mid-twenties )RPED BY FICTIONALPEICES


( Hachi Lao)
Male 16
Time Line: 1930s Europe, mafia-corrupted government.
Brief Description: Average height, strong build, mixed ethnicity, mainly oriental and caucasian, chocolate brown hair with straight floppy locks on his forehead and around his ears, but braided into simple cornrows in the back and underneath. He has golden brown eyes and a scar running from his right ear and along his cheek. Dresses in a black muscle top and thin black jogging pants. Wears bandages around his hand and thick biker gloves.
Power: Harmony

Chi( Thorin Cissi), Male, ( Appears about ) RPED BY FICTIONALPIECES


(Stagnum Unda)Male, 10Time Line: normal timeline, California, USA
Brief Description: Average height and build for his age, shortish, honey blonde hair
Power: Water manipulation



Omega(Raven Crosswitch)~Male, 16
Time Line: 3300 CE Apocalyptic northern Europe, very lowhuman population, most of earth had been ravaged by nuclear warfare in years past. He serves as a lower ranking soldier in wartime between two of the last significant powers that left on the livable parts of earth.
Description: He is lightly built and about 5'7 but underweight and slight, making him weaker physically. He has thickish, messy black and blue-grey mixture hair and firey, dark amber eyes. He wears an old, darker green-brown military trench coat. His outfit gives off the impression of military, but is hopelessly mismatched; He possesses an antique-looking brown cloth gas mask with wide orange tinted lenses, worn black gloves, scuffed combat boots and a threadbare black uniform beneath his trench coat. He has a holster at his black belt with a very old, often unreliable TT33 handgun. For weapons he also carries a four inch, partially serrated knife and a single grenade.
Before being drafted he lived and worked in a community care center after his family died in enemy bombings or were drafted, but was best friends and in love with with a refugee from the enemy nation. Two weeks before he turned 16 and was drafted, the order was given to exterminate any of the immigrants and she was killed in front of him. Being very optimistic and soft hearted before becoming a soldier, he was wracked by his friend's death and the horror of combat, and it ended up destroying his mental stability. He still has a very compassionate personality, but is shell shocked, reckless, paranoid and prone to moments of blind violence if pushed over the edge, he often responds to situations in a way that makes little sense and has no regard for his own life.
Power: Pyrokinetic(can create/manipulate heat and fire, but is notinvulnerableto it.)

.Omega (Sliet) - female - (appears late teens)
Appears almost human though her yellow eyes and sharp canine teeth would normally be a dead giveaway. She has long black hair with a couple of braids here and there. She is quite tall, her clothes are fairly old and worn, but she does her best to keep them clean and in good repair. She never caries a weapon because shes confident enough in her abilities that she doesn't need any, though she probably shouldn't be. She is pretty good at making plans, but she usually overlooks human error in some situations, and rarely has a plan B. She is often kept cooped up close to home because she is logically the weakest of the demons so she is a little stir crazy and reckless at times, taking opportunities to rebel in small ways against Alpha's and the others orders, though she would never go against them if she knew harm would come of it. RPED BY ANIMATENEB

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