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Post by Deathcap Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:17 pm

The Basic Plot Points and History

During humanity's peak, technologies centring around nanotechnology had created advances in medical and scientific fields such as producing energy, massive terraforming, manufacturing intelligent life, space travel and other technological accomplishments.

A project known as FairWeather was created in Western Europe, based around the idea of creating a perfect colony on a distant fertile planet; Flora. The whole thing was based on the use of special nanotechnology.
Many trained astronauts were infused with nanobots so that their bodies could survive extreme conditions, self heal,  transmit information, data and memories to and from one another as well as computers and other technology. They were created to operate the shuttles and other nanotechnology that was part of the project, and to protect those who would travel on the shuttles.

As the project reached the end of it's first stage; sending the first  pilots and passengers to establish a colony, tensions grew high during a serious of nuclear threats from various powers. Soon after the shuttle launched, the world descended into chaos. Nuclear warheads touched down in capitols and bases,  people rioted and hid and died.

Almost all that were involved in the project were killed during the war, as it was feared the advances made in the FW could be used as weapons.

Very few escaped, though some of the infused pilots managed to disappear along with a handful of engineers and scientists.

After society collapsed during the war, most of earth was left unlivable; coated in the nuclear radiation from the bombs, and most of the humans that were left died off from radiation poisoning or from the natural world around them that people had become so unaccustomed to in their advanced cities.  The war left behind many forgotten technologies, as well as biologically created illnesses, and strange hybrids and weapons.

This period and everything before became known as simply as the War, and Old World, or the Old Years

After fifty or so years, settlements of people started to form on livable land, setting up farming communities and small towns. Many had different languages and cultures, depending on the people they were comprised of, but most kept to themselves with the exception of trading and  minor conflicts.

Over these years though, a more major power had formed in what had been Northren France; The Federation of Lorraine. It was quickly built into a strict, high functioning militaristic nation, and possessed some of the technologies from the Old World. However, it forms a totalitarian government than censors and closely controls it's people, and uses fear to create support of the government.

A secondary power rose up soon after; a union of several of the larger settlements, who combined powers and worked together as a more democratic state with a sparser nation. They had goals in mind but difficulty holding things together. Due to multiple famines immigrants from the Union travelled to the federation for refuge. This led to tensions and discrimination against the refugees.

At the height of tension, fire bombs struck the Federation's capitol. {{These bombs were sent by the Federation’s government, in order to blame the union, and creating more hate to start a war with the other power, so that the people would rally behind the government and give it more control. This is completely unknown by the citizens}} However, the bombs did more damage than intended, and many more people lost their lives or were left crippled. At the same time, a terminal sickness that was engineered in the Old World seemed to come back out of nowhere, and infected over 90% of the population. The infected became infertile, and suffered from fatigue, internal bleeding, brain damage,and often discolouration of their hair or skin. Though the federation struggled to create a cure, they were only able to make the infected unable to spread the disease, and could do nothing more than offer them medication to lessen the illness's effects.

The society quickly separated into those who were ill and those who had not been infected. The infected were treated as mostly worthless and were not given proper care or education. An infected found in a relationship with a fertile citizen would be killed or severely punished, and they were dealt with on much harsher levels.
The ill were referred to as Invalids or some derogatory terms. They were separated into three categories.

(((AIs (Autonomous individuals) – those who are in the early stages or in better health; they are able to function normally and only suffer mildly from the illness. They are put into low ranks and jobs, and are drafted at the age of 15 into military or community services.

IAI – (Invalid Autonomous individuals) – those who suffer more greatly from the illness or are in it's later stages but can still preform work and activity. They are often taken from education or home lives to work in labour camps or as front line soldiers until they die.

NAI – (Non-Autonomous Individuals)Those who are in the latest stages of the illness and cannot care properly for themselves. They are sent to disposal plants to be used for their organs and blood, and are killed as they are seen as useless.)))

Fertile Citizens are brought up with high expectations and are given a higher education before being pushed into jobs. They are automatically and forcefully paired with a fertile member of the opposite sex at age 16, in order to create the highest chance for offspring.

Union Immigrants are on a low rung and fit in somewhere around the treatment that is given to the NAIs. They have no rights and are treated horrible by other citizens and the military, and are often forced to live in labour camps.

Settlement Immigrants have a lack of rights as well, but to a lesser extent as they often blend in, where as Union Immigrants are branded.

Those who were infused with nanotechnology led difficult lives, but do the huge unpredictability of the tech, some children born to them carried on the nanobots in their systems, some even holding with them the information and systems installed in their parents.

There are very vague rumors of there being a group of said descendents, but those who actually have remnants of the technology in them are few and far between, and some are scattered throughout the world with no idea of this.

These descendents can sometimes pick up data or programs from other technology, and many are hard to kill or are long lived. However, there are devices and virus kept that will disable nanotechnology, and their systems; something that was created during The War, and remains in the hands of the federation and other groups.

The location of the FairWeather project in unknown, but is sought after.

A war is fought against the Union with minor raids, missions, invasion and terrorism.

However, when the Union strikes back and damages the Federation, and hate rises, a genocide begins. It is ordered that all Union refugees are captured, tortured and killed. Many manage to hide in the cities or escape into the wilderness and settlements, but most die, and this sparks a more real war with the Union.

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