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Post by Kazukedud on Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:45 pm

Kirby shrugged, uncertain at this point. He was still a little horrified at what they had just gone through. "I... I don't know. We need to talk to the others, and that girl, and... and figure out everything that's going on." He replied, unsure of himself. They certainly hadn't managed to make it out of the city, and if anything, it felt like they were in more of a tough spot than they had been in before.

Kaus disappeared for a while, only to return with some sort of meat pies in her arms. She walked up to the two rather awkwardly, glancing at Somnia to make sure her friend was still okay before kneeling and setting the food down for them. "H-here. They're cold, but it's all I can get right now."

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