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Post by Kazukedud on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:38 pm

Harir nodded uncertainly, trying to smile back as she did, feeling a flutter of worry and something else before turning and walking the short distance back to the counter, continuing cleaning up for the night. They were pretty much closed, but he didn't want to chase the girl out, and at the same time, he dreaded making food if she chose something elaborate.

Kat headed back to the small cafe, arriving a few moments after close; having forgotten something in the backroom. The blond glanced surprised at the open sign and unlocked door; it wasn't normal for Harir to forget that kind of thing, he was normally pretty ready to clean up at head home, but maybe he was getting tired with exams going on. Did hairdressers have exams? She opened the chimed door, holding her puffy green coat close against the cold night air as she stepped in and rubbed her arms, quickly locking the door and flipping the sign over. "Harir, we're closed buddy, you can clean up and head home." She called, but felt a pang of embarrassment as she noticed the girl sitting near the window. "Oh, I'm sorry- We don't usually have anyone here this late." She smiled in a friendly manner, hoping the other wouldn't take it personally or get annoyed. She headed back to the kitchen quickly, finding her wallet and pocketing it.
"Sorry Kat, She came in a few moments ago." Harir greeted her, keeping his voice down.
"It's alright... uh, you take her order and make the food, I'll clean up."
Harir nodded gratefully and headed back out to the girl. "Are you ready to order?" He asked pleasantly.

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